Hello world , I’m back.

January 25, 2013 jillian513

I started this blog a few years ago and with many things happening in my life I needed to stop for a while.  Its too bad its been five plus years, but here I am again.  I have so many new things I want to share.  I hope with time that my followers will get to know me better.  I hope that what I have to share will inspire you in some way.  I am a very spiritual person with lots and lots of ideas about life.  I have raised 4 children, a husband, and a career of nursing for thirty years.  I have been a business owner and a designer of bridal veils.  I am even a little bit country.  I grew up in the great big sky state of Montana.  A small thousand plus acre farm-cattle ranch with gardening and rodeos as a back ground.  I love people.  I love to cook.  I love to garden,  and I love to create.  I love my children and my seven grandchildren.  I have faith in God and I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I’m a mormon.  Don’t run away stay and learn a little more.  I love life.  I love laughter and I love to smile.  Stay tune for fifty years of Grandma Jill’s life and loves. 


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