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I started this blog a few years ago and with many things happening in my life I needed to stop for a while.  Its too bad its been five plus years, but here I am again.  I have so many new things I want to share.  I hope with time that my followers will get to know me better.  I hope that what I have to share will inspire you in some way.  I am a very spiritual person with lots and lots of ideas about life.  I have raised 4 children, a husband, and a career of nursing for thirty years.  I have been a business owner and a designer of bridal veils.  I am even a little bit country.  I grew up in the great big sky state of Montana.  A small thousand plus acre farm-cattle ranch with gardening and rodeos as a back ground.  I love people.  I love to cook.  I love to garden,  and I love to create.  I love my children and my seven grandchildren.  I have faith in God and I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I’m a mormon.  Don’t run away stay and learn a little more.  I love life.  I love laughter and I love to smile.  Stay tune for fifty years of Grandma Jill’s life and loves. 


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March Ended with Showers of Tears

Ten days ago the phone call came with very sad news from my mother.  It started with a cough and then tears as she told me the CT scan found something in her lung.  Of course It took me right to cancer and as the next ten days drew out it is cancer.  I flew to be by her side and to try and help calm the fears.  My heart heavy and oh so sad I can’t explain what I went through taking my mother to the hospital for more test and seeing her there with sadness in her eyes.  She has been so young and so vibrant. Her father lived to be 95 and we just all have not questioned her health or strength because she just did everything just like him.  She would often call me on the phone after she had just finished a project to tell me all about it.  Her projects consisted of laying tile throughout her kitchen, counters and floors.  Resurfacing anything she had.  Moving fences to make her garden larger.  Telling me of the 50 or 60 tomato plants she had just planted, or bricking the columns in front of her house.  Painting and sewing.  Her sewing projects were all done professionally.  If she sees something she can go home and replicate it with ease.  I have loved that about my mom.  There is always so much confidence in everything she does that you never ever question she won’t be able to do what she is setting out to do.  I love her for that. ( I have some girls who act just like her most of the time).  This is not in her game plan, but we don’t always get to choose our path we can only choose how we want to handle it.  She’s not afraid of dying, more so of wanting to go ready and willing with nothing left undone.  She already has made statements like,  “I still have some things to do and I better get after it.”  She wants to write her story about her life, she wants to make everyone a new quilt.  She wants to reread to Book of Mormon.  She wants to see all of her family.  This may be simple but complete to her in her very quiet little country life.  No stress, no guilt, nothing undone quiet life.  It’s peaceful  and calm there. Her testimony of the gospel is strong and healthy.  The many years of service to other women will never be forgotten.  The hours of teaching homemaking to many many women. Her love of the Savior and his teachings will give her peace.  We can help her plant her gardens this year, and help her do the things she needs to do with heavy hearts and love. I love my mom very much and even though this won’t be easy  for any of us we will try to make this the best year of her life.  Please keep us in your prayers and with  gratitude in our hearts may peace abide with your all.  Love Jill

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Brooklyns Blessing on January 6th 2008

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January has come and gone,,and I’m frozen!

So what do all of  you Utahn’s think?  Is it cold enough?  This is crazy.  I don’t remember this kind of cold ever here. It reminds me of my early Montana days.   I would get up early, very early and go to the end of the lane and wait  for the school bus.  If my dad had to go and get to work he would just drop me off and there I would stand in the frigid below zero weather waiting for the bus to come.  I would breathe  in and my nostrils would seal shut.  It really did happen a lot.  So I am a Pansy these days and I like my sunshine.  I sometimes ware my coat all day just to stay warm. Along with the fireplace going all day. 

      Some  new things have happened since I have blogged last. Raider D. Payne was born Dec 28th..I almost had the day and time down to the minute.  He was 6 lbs and 13 oz’s.  He is the cutest little thing.  His mom is doing great. His dad is a very proud papa.  Their lives have changed forever.  It will never be the same, little hands and little feet to follow them everywhere. 

 We all had a great holiday and all gained a new appreciation for our family. What fun it is to be with all of them. Everyone came by many times during the season and it was just fun.  We have had many a party and played many a game. Tim still beats us all but we love to play.  

        Another great event took place on December 26th.  Brad turned 16 and then the driving began at 10:00 am.. with new license in hand he was off.  The white truck became his to drive.  Wow.. it takes your breath away when they drive away..  I pray everyday he comes home safely.  I know it’s  all about growing up but it is still hard. 

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Brads First Date, Christmas Dance 2007 with Maryn Sundwall

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The Shem Creek Restaurant that we parked the sail boat in front of and had lunch at.

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Jills December trip to Charleston, and my shotgun Christmas present from Marga.

The Atlantic Ocean.. 83 degrees that day… Dec 11,2007

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The 38 ft Hunter Sail boat that we  took to sea… Marga Sailing,  So here is the story of Bill Henry.  When Bill Henry  was a very small boy around 8or9, he was working for  Marga’s father at the store he managed.  Bill Henry was a very poor boy who was very good friends with Marga’s brother.  Bill Henry new his Christmas was going tobe slim.  He really wanted to buy his mother a Christmas gift with the few dollars he earned, but it was obvious he wouldn’t recieve much of a Christmas for himself.  Bill Henry loved to hunt and he had his eye on some shotgun shells.  Needless to say thats where the story gets tricky.. Bill Henry gave his mother shotgun shells for Christmas… So now if you recieve a Christmas gift that gives to more than you it becomes a shotgun shell christmas gift. So this was my shotgun shell Christmas gift from Marga.. A day sailing with her…  We……. had a lot of fun.. Thank you Marga.  I enjoyed your gift too… it was a blast.. infact I think we will be going back often.. I plan on buying some Crab pots… As we were sailing in the Bay of Charleston on Crab island I kept seeing all of these boye’s popping up everywhere in the water. I was soon told they were crab pots.. crab baskets sitting on the 15ft ocean floor collecting crab… Well that’s what I want to do. Catch my own crab. So the next time I go to Charleston I am buying my own Crab Pots and Dr. Craggie who just bought an island said I could put my crab pot out buy his island.  I can hardly wait to catch my first batch of crabs. 


These are the shotgun shell lights that were given to her in behalf of Bill Henrys memory.  (Bahenry) Bill Henry was actually killed at a young age. 

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What? It’s snowing!! But I am still mowing my lawn.

Greetings to all,

Well here it is one week past Thanksgiving and my lawn needs mowing.  We did get a little snow, but not enough to stop the lawn from growing. I guess today after work I will go mow up the last of the leaves and fluff the yard a little.  I really hate the snow…

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I certainly did.  All the kids came over with their spouses and baby’s.  One baby, one to come.  On Thanksgiving morning the boys went to their 25th  annual Turkey Bowl Football game.  I have to tell you it was really funny.  They were getting ready the night before all excited about what Jerseys they were going to wear and if they could really still get them on.  The four of them took off early and I was anticipating an afternoon of sore muscles, possible broken bones, swollen ankle’s..but  nothing serious this year.  Tim and Brad walked in pretty sore, Brian is too proud to let any one know how bad he was hurting, and Nate just bounced off to his  in-laws where I am sure he moaned for a few days.  What fun they have each year. Brian started the Turkey Bowl when he was the youth leader for 15 year old boys way back in 1983.  Those boys now all have families of their own and it is a real treat to see them each year.  Well enough of that….

Brian, Nate, Brad, Tim

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It’s Friday

Hello everyone,

Now that you have met my family, I would like to talk about myself a little. (This is strange for me ,) I have some very big things going on in my life and I would like to share them. First of all I am a Registered Nurse and for the past three years I have had the opportunity to work with a physician who is amazing. She is a Breast Reconstructive Micro-Surgeon. Her name is Marga F.Massey. She is a southern girl with southern charm. I have witnessed her change  lives. We worked together at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, and now I work for her in her private practice. Her office is in Charleston South Carolina. I get the great opportunity to provide information to women all over the world in regards to their Breast Cancer post reconstruction. As I talk with women who have desires to be put back together so to speak,I am happy to tell them that their are many options for them.
When I started understanding how important it is for women to complete this event, I thought for myself, would I do all this? As I have watched women go through the changes they do with cancer this is an essential part to all of their healing. It puts them back together again. Its a hard process with a lot of time needed but it is worth it in the end to see smiles come back and lives moving on. I am very grateful for the opportunity I have to share this with the world. Call me, we will talk if this terrible cancer has come into your life, and ways we can start the healing process.

Thanks for listening,

           Dr. Marga Massey

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